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KALTEV believes small and medium size entrepreneurs can design innovative technologies that will solve the current problems of the world. The KALTEV Entrepreneurship Unit was established to provide entrepreneurship support for different entrepreneurs, academic mentorship and legal support required by the product development process. Pre-incubation program, the first product of KALTEV Entrepreneurship Unit Think, Try, Transform (T3); is designed to provide product development and support to the university students with entrepreneurial ideas that can be transformed into products.

Think, Try, Transform (T3) received 48 project applications in its first year. The project teams who have passed the preliminary process continue the product development process with the mentoring they received from the KALTEV Entrepreneurship Unit.




I’ve got an idea but would it work? I’ve been thinking about it but…

We all have this brightest idea, which we don’t think of that much. This is the part where we bring it up, think about it again and apply for the program and come up with a prototype.


You’ve thought about your bright idea over and over and came up with a prototype. Now, it’s time to try it. At this stage, we’re here to help you take the necessary steps to turn your initiative into a business.



Idea: Check. Product: Check. Now, it’s time to transform into a business. All you need for this is included in this phase. Come on, don’t waste your time!



There’s no “me” in business world. You need a good team to achieve success. As part of T3program, you can have a quite big network, business partners with various perspectives and ability to transform your idea into a business, and an assistant team that can introduce countless opportunities to you.
Come and let’s turn your idea into a business together.


As part of ODTÜ Kalkanlı Technology Valley (KALTEV), Think Try Transform (T3), which is a business initiative acceleration program, aims to connect the entrepreneurs with mentors, investors and the end users throughout the program and thus, accelerate the initialization process of the businesses.


It’s pretty simple! Come up with an idea. Bring your team together. Fill out the application form and e-mail it to t3@metu.edu.tr. Then, we can see what we can do for your idea. Do you lack team members? No worries. Maybe the one you’ll create wonders with is waiting for you.



If you are studying at METU or graduated from METU maximum 3 years ago, you can apply the program with your business idea.

Of course not. T3 is an interdisciplinary entrepreneurship acceleration program. Therefore, the feasibility will be the main concern while assessing the idea.

The business ideas and the projects will be supported within METU Northern Cyprus Campus facilities. Besides, projects that can be carried out with the campus resources will be given priority. These projects will be selected through scientific evaluation and jury reports.

The feasibility of the business ideas are evaluated through the recommendations of the relevant field experts.

Sure. Whatever your major is, you can apply for T3 as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

The teams should have at least 1 person. Although there is no maximum limit for the number of team members, with more than four people, the potential quality of performance decreases significantly.

While evaluating the applications, we try to see whether the applicants have sufficient knowledge and experience about their business ideas. The number of the team members on its own is not a criteria.

Yes, you can apply with more than one idea. You can create a new application entry and apply with multiple ideas.

Yes. Regardless of your grade, you can apply for T3 as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

No. Since each team can go up to final stage with only one idea, the total number of the prizes you can possibly win is 1.

No, it is not necessary at the first application phase. Yet, you need to think about your business idea thoroughly in order to be able to answer the questions in the application form.

Yes, you can take part in multiple teams as a team member.

No. You cannot make change in the members of teams after the due date of the applications. However, you can alter the group members before due date.

The Intellectual Property Right of your business idea belongs to all members of your team. Before being publicized, free mentoring about application for Intellectual Property Rights will be provided upon request. When you are filling in the data about your team members, all the members of the teams have to agree to the Confidentiality Agreement. Similarly, all the consultants and the jury members also have to agree to the Confidentiality Agreement.

Yes. You can quit T3 at any stage by leaving all your rights to T3 as long as you notify in advance.

No. You have to establish a company in order to be able to receive prize and be accepted to the incubator.

No, it isn’t. However, you should know that these trainings are for you to improve your business ideas and their presentations. Therefore, it would be to your benefit to attend the trainings. Besides, on-line education materials will be provided for the teams which apply for T3 as well.

No. The related part of the Technology Development Zone law indicates that your business idea must be assessed and credited by a referee as an R&D work to be free of tax exemption.

As long as you meet the minimum educational requirements, you can apply for the program.

You can sign in the T3 system and contact the people listed under “I want to be a team member”.

There is room for everyone who develops ideas without any distinction at KALTEV. KALTEV’s pre-incubation and incubation centers are the first stop for creative ideas to become products.

Incubators are innovative centers that aim to establish an entrepreneurship ecosystem, bring together all the stakeholders that can develop entrepreneurship, support ideas that can be transformed into products during the production process and product marketing. KALTEV’s pre-incubation and incubation centers do not only provide the entrepreneurs with the laboratory space where they can turn their ideas into products, but this idea also provides the support needed to start an economic life with a competent marketing strategy. Developers at the KALTEV incubator receive mentoring support from academics in the field to facilitate the process of training and product development, from experts in the topics they need, from basic entrepreneurship to effective presentation.

KALTEV pre-incubation and incubation centers will open doors for creativity and production to entrepreneurs from different sectors with different acceleration programs. Product development process already started with the first of these acceleration programs, T3.

Those who have a good idea and the determination to develop this idea will find the support they need in KALTEV!

METU Northern Cyprus Campus students do not wait to graduate to research and start production. Vocational and social student communities pursuing innovative ideas in different fields receive support from KALTEV for their product development process.

METU Northern Cyprus Campus can meet its sectoral representatives with innovative ideas with student communities KALTEV. In this way, students can transform their ideas into value-added products while they are still actively studying And firms in KALTEV can make breakthroughs in the sector with new ideas of young researchers.